Of Decay 

Of Decay is a three act experimental short film. It presents the concept of Cycle, not only including human history but also natural and cosmic history. Just as a circle where we would have pinned three key points that are all linked to each other, in a co-dependency. The framework doesn’t include a particular order but rather a repetition of the circular movement thorough time and history. It shows the birth of nature, the civilisation and its destruction through chaos. Those three key points are a poetical metaphor or rather a shortcut to express the absurdity of a world that thinks of history as linear and horizontal. This short film is accompanied with a word cloud that illustrates all the different acts. Semantic fields of the concepts of Void, Essence and Evolution, Of Decay invites us to enter the puzzle of existence that would be a verbal equation to solve, like a child’s play. The artist created an ephemeral online platform where every visitor is invited to participate and add new words in the words cloud. Just like the Cloud and the Big Data, the artist aims to create an exponential semantic field gathered in an interactive way rather than online. 

Of decay

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Of Decay cloud, scheme close-up

Of Decay installation, Aemergence Art fair, Paris, 2018