Titled Cosmos/Atomos, this first solo exhibition offers a reflexion around the notion of Cosmos through the collective imagination. Exploring answers given throughout the centuries – notably by Science – to this timeless question, the demonstration will also consider the notion of Atom, as it seems to be at the origin of the known Cosmos, is thus composed by empty and matter.

The exhibition is presented as a series of documentary experiences on several media, aiming to guide the public through a conjoint research with the artist. Each element can be apprehended as a singular particle, component of a common organic tissue.

Between sound and matter, Atomos/Cosmos is a ballad calling for the spectator. Inspired by the cosmic textures of the music of Brian Eno as well as the album Space is Only Noise by Nicolas Jaar. This exhibition could translate by Space is only matter, as it represents the physical transformation of experimental and ambient music. Linked with her exploration of different media, the artist offers a total immersion, analyzing different possible angles to think the Cosmos.

Organizing her work as an archaeology of ideas, the artist also tries to offer her answers around the notion of Universe, building a microcosmic order in the chaos. She invites the spectator in a cosmic trip, where there are no benchmarks anymore. This "extraterrestrial" trip brings us to the Unknown through unfamiliar shapes, lines, noises and smells.

Press release extract, written by Anne-Claire Simon

Solo show views, Galerie Anne-Claire Simon, 2019 taken by Badmlk