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Tikka radio residency

First as a tragedy, then as  farce
 Listen here - (2022-2023)
Living in the end of time
(2021) -
Listen here

Started in 2021 as Sainte Marina, the residency at Tikka Radio (Paris/Marseille) first called Living in the end of time and First as a tragedy, then as a farce takes its names from two Zizek books that illustrates the state of our contemporary world where the dystopian tragedy has now become a farce, as an endless ending.. As it repeats itself indefinitely, this whole farce seems even more tragic than the initial tragedy. This cynical giggle seems to be our last laugh. Each podcast is one hour long and expresses the state of being thorn between two extremes; between a chaotic dystopian ending and the profound need for an utopian resurgence. 

This residency fosters a narrative experience of the sound through the use of vocal samples from blurbs that resonates with this state of the world (interviews, archives, novels, movies, poems, personal writings, theoretical lectures...). Building a sonic deconstructive discourse of the present, like a vibrating patchwork, it unfolds an open-to-interpretation narration to the listener. The types of music vary from experimental & ambiant through harsh noise or electronic music.

Each visual is a digital collage made for each podcast and reflect on emotions transmitted through the podcasts.

For this ongoing residency, I have had the pleasure to invite other artists that inspire me through their sound and sonic world, who coul reflect on these feels about the contemporary world. 

2023 (every other month) : Pavel Amir, Procédure Classique

2022 (monthly) : Odai Masri, Archidi, Lucas Alvarado, Gisou Golshani, Prophän, Asifeh

2021 (monthly) Joanna OJ, Simona Zamboli, Greg & Aeir, Propagande par la fête, Helione, JSSSK

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