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Life on Mars

Life on Mars is a proposal of what could life look like on planet Mars. Space has been a great source of imagination for humankind, but Mars has always fascinated in some darker ways. Symbolically, associated with the color red, it is known to be the planet of action, desire and energy. It is also linked, in astrology, with the so-called "masculine" energy.

Lately, the fascination for this active and vibrant planet lead to the idea of colonizing it.
This in situ installation shows the paradox of this conquest : What is the purpose of looking for life on Mars and why wanting to conquer it? How this so called "life" will look like if we find it and how could this planet be welcoming for humans? 
Through the shapes and dynamics of the sculptures, the utopia of life there is projected as a hostile yet intriguing eco-system of unknown species. Displayed on a table with a magnifying glass to take a closer look at those creatures, as if the spectator was the witness of a great laboratory discovery.

Life on Mars, polymer clay, sand, black clay & other materials, views, of the group show in.plano XYZ, in.plano artist-run space, 2019  

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