Of What Remains

Of What Remains is a Beirut based interdisciplinary project, which presents a war-torn city through photography, research and writing. It seeks to bring forward the subjectivity that ruins can hold through memories.

With putting imaginary - or supposed - memories into poems, like fragments, this project emphasizes on the ethereal aspect of memories. The relationship between space, memory and architecture is questioned on the individual level as to attempt a collective construction of memories.

The first part of the project is edited  in a self-published book gathering writings as well as the photographs around those ruins. This visual journey through past led the artist to start a field research  by collecting memories of people who both have and haven't lived the war themselves. Attempting to do an archeology of the individual memories as to find a new way of talking about war.


The book was selected by Motto books store in Berlin.

The artist is currently making an experimental documentary based on this field researched, gathering memories through interviews with beirutis and images of the city's ruins. 

Of What Remains, publication, edition of 100 copies, Motto Books, 2016 

Of What Remains (series), aluminium, 60 x 30 cm, 2017